Australia’s Far-Right movement are starting to show signs of weariness with just days until January 26th, also known as Australia Day, a public holiday that has become the topic of fierce debate this time each year.

After a relatively peaceful year, free of any redneck columns about whingeing Aboriginal people, the nation’s rednecks are having trouble articulating exactly what it is that they want.

“We don’t want these stinking lefties changing the date” says high-ranking far-right commental, Kai Blottrell.

“They keep saying that we shouldn’t celebrate Australia Day because it marks the beginning of a nasty colonial settlement”

“Get over what happened”

“This isn’t what Australia Day is about. It’s about me and my mates celebrating what happened, and you getting over it and pretending it never happened.”

Kai says Australia Day is being politicised – and people are trying to make it about something that it isn’t about.

“It’s always been a holiday, and now these lefties are making it about something else”

“It’s always been about drinking piss – well since 1994 anyway”

“If I had my way there’d be no citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day. It takes away from how Australian we are if we let more people in to be Australians. On Australia Day of all days.



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