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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was re-installed as party leader after Scott Morrison reportedly warmed to the idea of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, according to Labor Party strategists.

It all but signals that the next election will be won and lost in Central Queensland, which is why both Labor and the Nationals have put forward a plan to woo the nation’s coal country.

“Yeah fucken oath, mate,” said Opposition leader Anthony Albanese this morning in Canberra.

“Labor supports coal jobs in Central Queensland. Fucken oath we do. The reality is that coal technology will improve moving forward and I’m confident clean coal can be something we can all enjoy moving forward,”

Albo paused and chuckled to himself.

“Look, I know there’s a lot of people in the Labor Party that spent their early lives strumming a lute in the quadrangle of some university. We’re chock full of bead-wearing yuppies, the same type of malignant social force that ruined the inner suburbs of Sydney, my home,”

“But we’ve changed now. The Nationals know what’s up but Labor was on the job first.”

More to come.


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