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A young man who’s father lets him have long hair has explained to those around him this afternoon that the devil wings he had from the French Quarter Hot Potato weren’t even spicy compared to the flash international food he obviously eats all the time.

Speaking from the heart, Tucker Smoothgooch said he was feeling hungry around three today and decided to pull over a see what offerings the Hot Potato had for him.

“There were lots of things,” he said.

“But I wanted something with a bit of kick.”

When he told the larger-than-life character behind the counter that he wanted the devil wings, the Hot Potato’s owner Glenn Freeze gave him a warning.

“These are pretty spicy, mate,” said Big Glenn.

“You might want a full-sugar Fanta to wash these puppies down with.”

Tucker laughed.

“Oh,” he said.

“Will this be spicier than the Pad Prik King I had in Chang Mai that I asked to come ‘Thai hot’ and not the usual ‘farang hot’ that the locals make for tourists?”

Glenn shrugged.

“Dunno, mate,” said the locally-hatted deep fryer.

“They’re pretty hot, hey?”

Tucker laughed again.

“I’ll take six, please.”

Then Tucker took the wings out to eat them in his car as the locals – and surprisingly, he wasn’t impressed.

“They barely spicy at all. That guy must be such a lightweight.”

Just as Tucker went to continue with his story, the barman came back with the EFTPOS machine, and our reporter thanked Tucker for his time.

More to come.


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