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A whole boardroom nervously laughed this morning at FOX Sport’s Sydney headquarters today after recent big-name signing Shane Warne floated the idea of maybe bringing back his old talkshow.

During the 2010-11 Ashes Series, Shane had his own cricket-themed variety show that debuted to great fanfare – but was ultimately killed off by ‘uppity middle-managers with an axe to grind’ – according to the retired wrist spinner.

“I think it’s got legs,” said Shane.

“Just look at Matty Johns. He had his own show, Sterlo has his own show. They’re both great. You should give one to my old friend Sam Newman, too. He’s a bit of a unit but he’d rate.”

The team of executives smiled back at Shane.

“So,” he said.

“Is that a yes or what?”

Everyone, including Shane, turned to Rex Waterford.

At the best of times, Rex says the right thing, according to those who know him best.

As the group creative president at Murdoch’s sports wing, it is him who’d ultimately greenlight or yellowlight the project.

“We’ll see after June 30, Shane,” he said.

“You’ve already cost us a bomb, we need to get a bit of value out of you first before we start talking silly buggers.”

A pause.

Shane laughed, then the whole room erupted shortly afterwards.

“Righto, Rex. We’ll talk later.”

More to come.



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