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“Does he think this is a game?” asked Richard Di Natale as he fed bullets into a magazine.

“When the purge comes, he’ll be hanging from a street light. We’re done playing around with this guy, if he wants to get real with us, we’ll get real with him.”

The Greens leader has his predecessor Bob Brown’s Communist-era AK47 across his lap has he speaks to us.

He tells us a story of how Bob used it back in the day on the Franklin and Huon rivers down in Tasmania.

“If this thing could talk,” he says, loading a magazine into it before reefing back on the charging handle.

“Before Bob got hold of it, it was in Cuba and South America. It’s probably popped more heads than George has popped Corona bottles. I won’t be wearing those pussy earbuds when I let this thing ring out, too.”

Di Natale is referring to his Lower House colleague George Christensen, who made an idle death threat against ‘greenies’ over the weekend in a touching Facebook post.

The post showed the Queensland MP brandishing a plastic Glock pistol at a Mackay gun range with a caption paraphrasing the famous Dirty Harry quote.

“You gotta [sic] ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?” the post said.

The Advocate reached out the office of Mr Christensen but have yet to receive a response.

“Typical,” said Di Natale.

“I’m not afraid to die for the cause. This is for the greater good of the nation. Tonight we ride to Valhalla, comrades.”

More to come.




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