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The Prime Minister has clarified a comment he made last week on news radio regarding the simmering tensions between China and Taiwan, telling 3AW’s Neil Mitchell that Australia supported the ‘one country two systems’ policy.

However, Scott Morrison explained this afternoon during Question Time that he was actually talking about what’s going on in Israel at the moment.

“I got my geopolitical flashpoints mixed up, but it’s not my fault,” he said.

“The question was tricky and Neil was deliberately running a Labor Party campaign by asking me that question. Of course I wasn’t talking about the relationship between China and Taiwan, I was talking about what’s going on in Israel right now. They’re one country and they have two systems. Judaism and Islam,”

“The conflict there, between the, uh, the Jews and the radical Islam fighters. It’s terrible and I hate it. Mr Speaker, you see this is what I have to put up with as leader of this country, the constant attacks from people in the left, the evil on social media. People trying to derail my fight against the virus,”

“I’m only a simple Aussie bloke trying to do the right thing.”

More to come.


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