A local sales administration person has today been given some great news.

The 25-year-old Britney Janz was told by HR this morning that she has passed her probationary period, and been offered a permanent role.

The great news comes after Britney’s impressive schooner carry at work drinks last night, where she managed to duck back to the table her boss was at, with a solid four schooners in hand.

“They told me that the boss was impressed with the way I fit into the culture around here and have offered me the position,” said the moderately hungover young woman this morning.

“Which is the news I needed after a tough few months in this ever gigitising economy.”

“I mean look, four glass sandwiches isn’t that impressive in my humble opinion, but for plenty of soft hand office workers, that’s worthy of a tray.”

“I”m not complaining though, permanent position are hard to come by these days, so I’m stoked.”

“And it gives me the job security to be able to slouch back in my chair a bit and mindlessly flick through the day because my brain isn’t working.”


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