Local man Sam Hackett is smart. Like really smart.

So smart, he’s bought a Kindle, so has something to do on his fifteen minute bus ride to work other than peruse his phone like an imbecile.

He does prefer to read physical books, as there’s just something extra special about inhaling dust, skin particles and deteriorating paper, or what people attribute as ‘that old book smell.’ 

However, because Sam is such a smart cookie, he only ever reads books at least 400 pages long as anything under is ‘a children’s novel’ in his eyes –  which makes lugging around quite a difficult task considering he has the upper arm strength of a twelve year old.

Though he’d bristled at the idea of giving up his beloved books in favour of a Kindle, he does admit it’s less expensive and a lot better for his wrists which have incurred the brunt of his voracious reading.

Unfortunately, Sam has quickly learned that there is a cost to convenience – namely, that no one on his 342 bus route can see that he’s reading Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. In fact, he’s positive that everyone on the bus has nothing better to do than watch him with keen interest, and assume he’s reading something of low intellect. 

More to come.


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