A local woman has today pulled the ultimate self comfort con job, after convincing herself the bloke she hadn’t heard from in over a week was obviously fighting his feelings. 

Leela Reynolds [23] is said to have gone on three dates with a bloke she met off Bumble and has reportedly fallen pretty hard and fast.

Excitedly relaying every minute detail from the dates to her friends, Leela was convinced she’d finally bagged herself a solid bloke, if the frequent texting was anything to go by.

But after date number three, the communication is alleged to have dried up without warning, causing Leela to go through the full spectrum of human emotion.

However, rather than settle on feelings of alarm, disappointment, and sadness, as one would expect from rejection, Leela has found an answer that better fits her narrative – he’s obviously terrified of how strongly he feels about her and has distanced himself to sift through these strange and powerful emotions.

“He recently got out of a relationship”, says Leela, “so he probably didn’t expect to fall for someone so soon.”

“I’m sure if I give him enough space he’ll come back around.”

More to come.


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