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The frog that appeared on the cover art for Silverchair’s 1995 debut album ‘Frogstomp’ is taking the band to court over allegations he never agreed to be stomped during the shoot.

Kevin Rocheedy, a 30-year-old green frog who is now unemployed and living in the cistern of a Cessnock public toilet, told the court through his lawyer that Silverchair took advantage of him and because of that, has suffered and requires large financial compensation.

Even though frontman Daniel Johns was only 14-years-old and “70 kilos wringing wet”, Mr Rocheedy says it still hurt a great deal when Mr Johns repeatedly stomped on him during the photo sessions for the artwork.

According to court documents, the amphibian was tricked into posting for the photo by the record label, who assured him that no stomping would take place.

Mr Rocheedy alleges that the entire photoshoot was him being stomped on repeatedly by members of Silverchair and Matthew Johns (no relation to the defendant).

Management for Daniel Johns has been contacted for comment but The Advocate has yet to receive a reply.

Mr Rocheedy was also unavailable for comment after being accidentally flushed down the toilet by a grey nomad.

More to come.


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