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A west Betoota man who once shit on his own face has somehow managed to get his second child to kindergarten, it has been confirmed. 

In his youth, Barry Edwards held the Betoota Dolphins record for doing the most hot shots in a row, but today he’s somehow got his life together. 

Barry’s fatherhood has left acquaintances of Barry’s thinking that maybe this whole parenthood thing isn’t that hard. 

“If Barry the bulldog can have 2 healthy kids and get them to school, I reckon anyone could do it,” said one acquaintance.

The Advocate reached out to Barry to see how life was treating him as a young father. 

“Oh, it’s fucked, for starters they were both accidents – who the fuck thought I had any swimmers left?” 

“Everyone says they bring you so much joy, mine have just brought me nappies of shit and no sleep” 

“Guess the shit shouldn’t surprise me though [haha]” 


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