A local 18-year-old temp worker has today taken full advantage of the money she earns as an employee, by purchasing an exotic Thai meal on her half hour lunch break.

Tessa Cooper is just a couple months in to her working gap year, where she plans to save up enough money to travel the world for three months at the end of the year.

Needless to say, she’s pretty grown up now, and it shows with her la de da lunch order.

“Yeah just a chicken pad thai thanks” she orders, before realising she’s just saying what most young Australians are programmed to say at the counter of a Thai take-away restuarant.

“Actually” she says.

“Make that a chicken pad kee mao”

Oooooooh. Not many of her friends would know that she orders off-menu Thai meals during her lunch break, except for Jessie, who was with Tessa the other day, when she ordered a tofu Pad See Ew.

Everyone in the restaurant takes notice and gives Tessa that nod to say “you know real Thai food”.

“Chilli?” asks the man at the cashier.

“No chilli” says Tessa, before handing over $12 dollars in coins, like a grown up.


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