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As Australian retailers continue struggling to fully stock their shelves due to spicy cough supply chain issues there is one group of people who are happy; those who cannot stand supermarkets declaring a holiday too early.

Despite containing sultanas and traces of Christianity, Hot Cross Buns are one religious tradition that a lot of Australians can get on board with, even if supermarkets have been insistent on marketing them as a ‘summer treat’ and not something you have for a cheeky second breakfast on Easter Sunday.

In recent years, the sweet Easter treats have been popping up in supermarkets as early as January but supply chain issues mean the seasonal delicacy may not be available until just before the Easter Long Weekend or ‘normal time.’

“We’re sorry to tell shoppers but our Easter treats might not be on shelves until Easter,” said Betoota Bi-Lo manager Merylynee Kyne.

“Also, we’ve got chocolate and we’ve got eggs, but we won’t have the thing that’s a combination of both. That is until it’s actually time to have chocolate eggs.”

The lack of hot cross buns on shelves has caused an alleged national outrage on social media, comparable only to last year when people were mad about them being on shelves too early.



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