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A group of neuroscientists from the underfunded CSIRO facility in Betoota have released an interesting report today.

The group of experts has revealed that they believe Bruce McAvaney may have the biggest hard drive in the country.

This comes as the man known as Mr. Olympics wows the nation with his commentary on a whole raft of events.

Enjoying his 11th Olympic Games, the man behind so many iconic calls has impressed many with his ability to reference all sorts of times, details, and facts in regards to countless athletes once again.

That ability to drop a story about a contestant running in Heat 4 of the 200 metres, whose brother achieved something in a different sport, has led scientists to begin analysing how Bruce can possibly store so many facts inside of one human brain.

“He’s still able to throw up some stats about a random American’s impressive U16s 400m trial from 12 years ago,” said the lead researcher today.

“We are hoping to be able to do scans on his brain, but the amount of information he seems to store in his head is incredible.”

“The team reckon he’s got at least 100 Terabytes worth of information stored safely away.”

“Don’t bother googling who came 7th in the 2001 Caufield Cup if you are near Bruce, he’ll be able to retrieve that file in milliseconds.”

“It’s incredible stuff.”


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