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The River City’s Cocaine Industry is currently being run off its feet today.

With the NRL’s Magic Round in town, and roughly 300 players about to descend on the nightlife precincts the city’s dealers are flat out at the moment.

The influx of cashed-up blokes looking to let loose this weekend has seen the savvy dealers of Bris Vegas put on stacks of extra staff to ensure they can meet the demand.

“Yeah, it’s been a fucking big few days already man,” said one dealer named Bruce* who was kind enough to talk to us.

“I myself have had to hire an extra 6 or 7 young fellas to keep up, and I know a lot of the other guys have got on a stack of casuals.”

“It’s like Christmas in the retail sector,” he laughed.

“We’ve cleaned the bikies out, and may need to send the new apprentices down south of the border to get more if the boys really give it a nudge.”

“But hopefully we should be alright, the good thing is we probably wont have to do that much driving, given all the footy players should be based around the same area.”

Bruce then explained that while he is whinging about the extra work, he’ll be thankful the next time there is a quiet patch.

“Thank you NRL for this god send,” he laughed.

“Let’s do it again next year aye.”

*name change for obvious reasons.


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