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Joan of Arc Ladies College alumnus Rachel Bueren (21) states she has never considered herself a feminist, but is partaking in a radical new move that is disrupting those around her anyway. 

Although claiming to be living ‘below her means’ in a French Quarter sharehouse, it appears that the first year psychology student has identified another lifehack afforded to her by having parents that still pay for all her expenses.

According to Bueren’s three housemates, the triple gap-year taker is managing the mild Queensland winter by literally leaving her heater on all day.

“Seriously, it’s on 24/7, her bedroom is like a sauna,” one housemate told our reporting team.

“Which she keeps reminding us, her parents have in something they call their ‘rec area.’ Not to be confused with their steam room of course.”

“Sorry if I am unloading on you, I just need to vent…which is what Rachel’s room needs as well because it’s so fucking hot in there!”

The fear of an anxiety attack-inducing energy bill is not one that Bueren shares with her housemates as she claims because they are splitting the bill four ways it will cost less.

“Or I could be cold for a little while every time I come home,” laughed Bueren atop her designer king bed she will just leave in the alley way when she moves out.

“Oh, I should put my blanket on now. I wanna be in bed in six hours.”


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