After a big day of encouraging his staff to make sure they are being gentle enough with each other to notice any important signs of poor mental health, local CEO Saul Krushor says he is exhausted.

It’s not because opening up and talking about feelings are tiring, in fact for a psychopath like Saul, it’s very easy to pretend to care about someone.

It’s because it is actually exhausting not being able to belittle and exploit his staff on days like yesterday.

“RUOK Day is always tough for me” he says.

“So I’m glad that’s behind us for the year”

RUOK is an Australian non-profit mental health organisation, founded in 2009. It revolves around the slogan “R U OK?” (are you okay?), and advocates for people to have conversations with others. The organisation has a dedicated R U OK? Day, held annually on the second Thursday of September, which encourages Australians to connect with people who have emotional insecurity, to address social isolation and promote community cohesiveness.

Saul says that while he can see how this kind of movement appeals to board members and investors, and he understands that he has to take part in these type of things to look like a normal human – it really does give him the shits.

“I just, I just hate having to pretend I care about these people”

“We have posters and emails going around telling them how important they are, and how important it is to talk to one another. But at the end of the day, they are much better of getting an RUOK from friends or family”

“Because I genuinely do not give a fuck”

At time of press, Saul was seen telling HR that he doesn’t care whose grandma is unwell, overtime is part of the job, and to make sure no one thinks they can pull that shit in the future.

“RUOK was yesterday” he tells them.

“Today is Not My Problem Day”



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