A local bloke has today suggested that he too has the motivation and fitness to do normal things on weekends, with an out-of-character social media post of him hiking at a nearby lookout.

After two years of heavy drinking and recreational drug use, the local online sales rep has alluded to the fact that he often goes hiking and that he is actually quite healthier than you think.

However, by captioning the photo upload with #FreshSundays, 29-year-old Mick Courtney has given himself away – by proving that after a three hour sunrise hike, the only word that came to his mind was ‘fresh’.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that Mick’s usual weekend activities, which usually involve large amounts of MDMA and cocaine use and a limited amounts of food and water, are nothing but a distant memory now – as he poses nonchalantly atop of an iconic lookout in a nearby National Park.

Close friend and usual bender associate, Eddie, says Mick isn’t fooling anyone with this thinly-veiled attempt at presenting himself as someone who has the slightest amount of control over his life.

“Mate, one weekend wearing hiking boots isn’t going to make up for the fact that he’s spent the last 104 weekends face-down on the top of a washing machine in his hideous sharehouse” says Eddie.

“His Tuesday mornings are usually less fresh than the average person’s Saturday – he’s dilussional if he thinks most people believe this shit”

“I know for a fact that he hated every minute of that walk, and I don’t know who was taking the photo but I imagine it was a new crush”

“Either that, or he’s finally pulling his finger out and trying to impress a girl with an instagram photo”

But despite Eddie’s skepticism, Mick says that he’s been doing this for a while.

“It’s a great spot. I love getting up here and checking out the amazing views” he says.

“I’m thinking of running a marathon next year”





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