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The Prime Minister used a hot cloth this morning to wipe the mould off this famous leather jacket in a last-ditch effort to prevent an almost unpreventable leadership spill this week.

Though nobody is expected to stand against Malcolm Turnbull should a spill be called from the backbench, the reemergence of the jacket has some commentators feeling this might spell the end.

But the Member for Wentworth has dispelled the notion, telling journalists this morning in Sydney that he felt a chill in the air this morning and simply reached for an old favourite.

“Ah yes,” he said as an ABC journalist in boardshorts and no shirt held his phone by his head.

“Glad to see you’ve noticed the leather jacket, it’s one of my autumn staples. But back to the issue at hand, the 30 Newspoll business is regrettable but not indicative that this government is in trouble. The fact remains that I’m the best leader the LNP has and a far more palatable alternative to William Shorten,”

“However, I urge voters to remember why they saw me as an alternative to begin with. Remember the leather jacket, remember me schooling Tony Jones repeatedly on live national television. Remember me as the self-made millionaire with a proven track record of fiscal responsibility.”

Local LNP voters, however, told The Advocate that the leather jacket is a distant memory and just because he’s wearing it again doesn’t mean they’ll vote for him again.

“I’d consider it,” said one small business owner.

“Then again, I’ve got as much faith in the political system in this country as I do in a Michael Clarke return to the Test arena,”

“I’d vote for Albo, though.”

More to come.


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